Best Push Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain [2020 Reviews]

Best Push Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain
Push Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain
Push Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain

A push lawn mower is a modern gasoline or petrol-powered machine. It is also called a grass cutter. It has self-powered rotating cut blades that are predominately self-accessorized and very good at cutting grass.

This is the Best Push Lawn Mower for Rough Terrain and it requires human ability to push it around on the lawn. Sometimes some models do not need to be pushed around.

They just need someone to stand behind it and give it direction and the rest is done by the push lawn mower machine. These are called walk-behind lawnmowers.

Top Chart Of The Push Lawn Mower

ImageTitleRatingCheck Latest Price
lawn-boy17730, 21-iches lawn mower

[Editor Choice]
4.3/5Check Latest Price
Durostar 16” 5 blade height-adjustable push lawn mower4.2/5Check Latest Price
Durostar 20” 5-blade adjustable lawn mower
4.4/5Check Latest Price
Poulan pro 961120131

[Editor Choice]
4.5/5Check Latest Price
Durostar DS1200LD 5-blade height-adjustable lawn mower4.2/5Check Latest Price
Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper4.2/5Check Latest Price
Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Brushless Push Mower4.5/5Check Latest Price

Why use the push lawn mower for rough terrain

The cost of the lawnmower

It’s very simple the more simple the machine the less it will cost you to acquire the best push lawn 2. mower available. Lawnmowers that have no engines will cost less than 100 dollars than gas mowers.

Offers better personal satisfaction

It is pretty hard to push a land mower around even on even terrain. On hard surfaces, the experience is even harder. But when the work is done and the results are obvious, a genuine sense of satisfaction will overwhelm you.

No petrol or gasoline needed

The environment needs all the care we give. Mother Nature appreciates the fact that no fossil fuels are used on best push lawnmower. This also works in favor of no pollution as compared to a motor-running lawnmower.

It is easy to fix

This lawnmower will never break. The fact that it has no motor makes it hard to break apart. When it does break, it is very easy to fix.

They make your lawn look better

The lawn will look like it has undergone a professional manicure. The cut is clean and leveled and leaves behind an even looking lawn. The scissor-like way that the lawnmower cuts grass is praised by everyone who has ever used it.

They are hassle-free

The push lawn mower is a very simple invention. You only need to push it around and the cutting and leveling of grass surface is done for you.

Product reviews the push lawn mower for rough terrain

1. Lawn-Boy 17730, 21-ich lawn mower

This is a new design that is used in cutting grass. It is reliable and has many qualities that make it a must-have item for an individual around the globe.

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  • No hassle of changing spark plugs:
  • The push lawn mower is particularly popular because you don’t need to keep checking for repairs. This means that when you buy a land mower, you won’t need another one for a long time.
  • They are quieter than traditional land mowers:
  • These mowers are made in a way that they emit little to no sound. This means that no neighbor will come knocking on your door demanding that you shut it down.
  • It comes in different colors:
  • This push lawn mower comes in a nice shade of green that is a far cry from the usual red land mowers.
  • This is very attractive to many people.
  • It comes with rear wheels:
  • These rear wheel drives will help the lawnmower glide over the surface very easily, whether they are rough areas or a leveled ground.


  • This type of land mower will need to be kept well because its adjusting knob tends to break down
  • It doesn’t work well in tall grasses.
  • There is no pin to keep the front axle adjustment in its setting

2. Durostar 16” 5 blade height-adjustable push lawn mower

This is a new invention that is much in demand for its very unique qualities. They are in two types, the reel, and the rotary. Reel lawnmowers do not have motors.

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  • It comes with adjustable grass chute:
  • This chute can be put in many different ways to make cutting Grass very efficient. This allows for the grass to be cut either forward, backward or downward movements
  • Wheels are in set:
  • This allows for the blades to make an extension to the mount. With this ability, people are able to avoid leaving behind uncut patches near the fences or on the other side of the lawn.
  • You do not need an extra tool:
  • When using the push lawn mower and inexact, the Durostar, you will only need it. No more additional tools like a slash will be needed.
  • The push lawn mower is a very silent machine.


  • More physical abilities are needed: You will need to exert yourself physically when using this lawnmower. The best push lawn mower only works by pushing forward
  • It’s a heavy machine. Pushing uphill will prove to be very difficult.
  • Works on relatively short grass It faces difficulty in cutting any weeds over 6″ in height.

3. Durostar 20” 5-blade adjustable lawn mower

This design is a product of Duromax Power Systems. It is equipment designed to withstand harsh environments. They are perfect for use in rough terrains. They always deliver on time, are durable and performs well.

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  • It has a 20 inch blade that is used to reduce the number of passes one might require during cutting of grass.
  • The ten-inch wheels are good for grounding the machine. This makes the mowing process effortless. They press the wheels into the earth. They are durable and heavy-duty.
  • Cutting can be adjusted to however the individual wants. It is equipped with 8 level adjustment knobs that are placed on the side of the machine. When cutting, it is advised to level if=t between 3-5 inches.
  • The machine is environmentally friendly. It lets you mow down your grass with little to no emissions into the leaves no carbon footprint every time you cut the grass.
  • The push lawn mower is quiet. It never disturbs the neighbors.
  • A grass catcher is included. You will not need to collect the grass.


  • The adjustment lever usually bends out of shape with every continuous use.
  • There is no way to sharpen the pinched edge
  • At times it may get stuck in higher grasses

4. Poulan pro 961120131

This is a machine made for cutting grass and ensuring that your compound is well-groomed. It will give awesome results even though the terrain is hilly and gruesome. Every bad situation is tackled efficiently.

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  • It offers a number of nine and very different cutting heights. It is self-propelled and exceeds the expectations of many reviews. These cutting heights ensure that you get the kind of cut that you specified.
  • It comes with a speed adjusting knob. This means that you can easily finish off even the very hard jobs that you found difficult to do.
  • This push lawn mower comes with a small engine. This will help save you power and fuel.
  • The maintenance and cleanup for this lawn mower is very easy and affordable. The model includes a set up where you can connect a water hose with the machine and this washes away all the dirt.


  • It has no push button to turn it on and off. It comes with a cord instead that you will need to exert energy in pulling it. This cord is designed in a way that makes it difficult to switch it on and off.
  • It has a relatively small opening for putting oil which makes it tricky and could lead to spillage.
  • The gas tank is small and the dust and debris might come out of the shoot opening

5. Durostar DS1200LD 5-blade height-adjustable lawn mower

This item is currently out of the market and no one knows when it will be back. It is a design of Duromax Power Systems and was built with high technical qualities. It was best used in places where the terrain was uphill and difficult to navigate.

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  • It has a contact of a maximum of 5 blades. These blades are necessary for cutting edges and for maximum efficiency.
  • It is eco-friendly. This means that the delivery of work is concerned with environmental preservation. Even of hard grasses such as Bermuda grass, the cut is even and very attractive.
  • The design of the mower is advance up to 60 percent and this makes it more able to cut grass easily than the regular mower.
  • It is equipped with a stay safe land mower that leaves little to no contact of the grass and the blade. In this way, it reduces wear and tears as well as making the performance long-lasting.


  • There are a lot of annual costs that are directed towards the sharpening of the machine. With as many blades as it has, the amount paid totally is huge.
  • Assembling is a problem as it comes with a lot of small pieces
  • As it is meant for small yards, it might face problems in larger sized yards.

6.Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper

Garden is a place where we are likely going to face numerous items like leaves, grass clipping and more. All these items will get collected over a period of time over the lawn. Upon a time it can likely reduce the overall looks of the garden.

You can regain back its looks by using the right machine which can collect these items swiftly. Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper is the most ideal choice for small lawn sweeping.
This equipment is quite easy to use due to its lightweight. Equipment is made light due to the use of ABS plastic which helps in easier maneuvering.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 36x16x12 inches
  • Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • Pickup: Almost 80% sweeping pickup on its first pass

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  • The Machine consists of the easy folding ability to be stored in minimum space.
  • It is quite convenient to use the equipment in various seasons like Spring, Summer, Autumn.
  • Brushes used in the equipment are rotating in nature which can easily collect from the lawn.
  • A simple knob is provided which will help in adjusting the height of the brushes.


  • Not ideal sweeper to pick up oak tree acorns and seed pods.

7.Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Brushless Push Mower

Mowing the garden is a useful step to maintain its desired looks for a long period of time. One should select the mower which can match their requirements. Greenworks 21 inch 40V Brushless Push Mower is one such equipment which is ideal for mowers.

This equipment is consisting of a steel deck of 21 inches which can cover a substantial amount of area. Due to quieter operation, people love to prefer this equipment over others. Some of the technical details are discussed here with its pros and cons.

Product Details

  • Dimension: 62.2 x 21.5 x 42.2 inches
  • Weight: 65.5 pounds

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  • It is the ideal equipment for the yards which are of the area of ½ acre.
  • The battery of the equipment is capable of running for a period of 45 minutes.
  • Starting of the mower is quite easy with the use of push-button.
  • Battery storage for a dual battery is possible.
  • Low noise while in operation and light in weight.
  • The presence of brushless motor helps in having more torque, quieter operation and also longer life.


  • This equipment is not self-propelled in nature. You need to push the equipment during the mowing operation.

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Choosing the push lawn mower for rough terrain

The size of the garden

When you want to buy a lawnmower, you will need to consider how big your lawn is. The push lawn mower will be used on a court that is bigger than a tennis court. Many lawnmowers work best on a big space because they get to maneuver.

The need for self-propelled lawn mowers

Some petrol land mowers can also be self-propelled. A lot of people do not like pushing the mower aver and around the compound.

They want easy things and going around for hours is not okay with them. They way, they will choose a lawnmower that will need little to no physical exertion.

The cutting width of a lawnmower

The best push lawn mower has a big cutting edge. This means that the space that it cuts within a period of time is big enough. A large cutting edge reduces the amount of time you use when cutting down the grass.

Cutting height

Cutting height of a lawnmower is considering how high the grass should be whenever you cut it down. A lot of lawnmowers have a knob for adjusting the cutting height of the best push lawnmower.

Mowing edges

If your compound has a lot of lawn edges, you will need to consider buying a machine that can accommodate you. Get a model that can cut up to the edge.

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Top Features of the push lawn mower for rough terrains

Air filter

The mower should have a good air filter. It is used to reduce the number of contaminants getting into the machine. This prolongs the life of the engine.

A good air filter must prevent all of the contaminating things from the air from accessing the machine.


This is a metal strip that is rotated a very high speed by the machine. The sharp edge of the metal strip is used to cut the grass. This is the most important part of the land mower and should always be kept sharp.


This is a component of an engine that helps in mixing up there and the fuel to make it burn. This makes rotating the blade very easy.

Drive belt

The drive belt is used to connect the engine pulley with the pulley at the drive case. The case will then rotate the wheel which in turn propels the mower.

Flywheel key

This is a small rectangular metal that is used to keep the crankshaft and the wheel aligned when a person tightens the flywheel nut.

It is designed to shear if the blade gets hit by an object so hard that the flywheel and the crankshaft move out of alignment. This reduces damage and protects the expensive parts of the mower.


It is also called the transmission. It uses the motor power to turn the wheels or a lawnmower. This is more useful in a self-propelled mower.

A buying guide on the push lawn mowers

If you own a lawn, it looks neat when it is cut systematically and regularly. A lot of people prefer to use paid services to care for their lawns.

If you want to cut short the service cost you will need to buy your own mower. There are so many things that you must research before you go out and buy the push lawnmower.

First, make an estimation of the size of your yard

Knowing the size will help you determine the type and size of a lawnmower you should buy. This makes mowing a very easy and accurate job.

Make an observation of the slope of the garden

When your yard is situated on a hilly place, it is advisable to use a self-propelled best push land mower. This will help you navigate your way up the hill.

When you ride up the hill, it can sometimes become dangerous. Devise a way that ensures your safety. You can use a walk-behind lawnmower for flat yards.

Ensure you consider the type of grass in your yard

A lawn that has few weeds and is well maintained will prove easier to mow than a disorganized and full of weeds yard.

It means that if the grass is too big you will need a bigger and the push lawn mower there is. A lot of energy and time will also be saved.

A guide on how to use a lawn mower

It is not hard to operate a land mower. For first time users, it can prove to be very intimidating and formidable. Before you start using a lawnmower, first get a tutorial to avoid accidents

When u decide to use a petrol or gasoline-powered best push lawn mower, ensure that the fuel does not leak. The spark plug should be well put. Look for the cord and pull it.

When you pull the motor will start rotating and the mower is ready to cut grass. With an electric mower, the work is rather simple. The only thing to check is the connections.

They should be carefully placed and very intact. Ensure the battery is charged. After this just push the button and get to work.

Mowing. Professional determined the height of mowing for each mower. Follow instructions told by experts and you will be doing a good job.

If the grass is too long, set the height to the maximum setting. When the yard is not looking so good especially during drought, stick to the ranges given by experts.

Finishing. When all is done and the lawn loos neat, ensure that no grass clippings are stuck in the mower before you switch off. Leave the clippings on the lawn to act as manure for the grass.

Remember to always read the manual of the lawnmower provider before you operate the push lawnmower.

Reasons why push lawn mowers are recommended for rough terrain

Having to care for a large yard by yourself can prove very difficult. This makes people turn to technology in order to make work easier. Other than because it is very practical to use the push lawn mower, there are other reasons why people use it.

Enhances the health of the residents

Using a lawnmower usually helps people do a lot of work while using minimal energy. If it was cutting the grass using a slash, a lot of people would be mentally and physical frustrated. But with the help of mowers, their mental health and physical appearance are restored.

The grass is kept healthy

There is a lot of pest living in long grasses and bushes all over. This has been a problem for people for so long. If you keep the grass around your house long, it will also be infected. The lawn mower then becomes the best solution for such things. When all this is done, no pest will ever invade your compound.

Saves on time and money

In the past, people used to hire a lot of people to come to their homes to slash off the big grass. This could take days to finish. The amount of money spent to make sure that the lawn is as neat as possible was so much. Nowadays you only need to buy your own push lawnmower and the rest is easy.

The life expectancy of a lawnmower

Lawnmowers are very expensive to buy and a lot of people prefer to purchase one that will last for long. The average life of a lawnmower always depends on so many factors.

These factors can the material used in manufacturing, how the mower is used and the size of the push lawnmower.

The manufacturer will sell you the item with the life expectancy printed on it. Sometimes it can last past the expected date if it is maintained well.

In average, the best lawn mower is expected to last for a maximum of ten years. This is when it has received the best care and maintenance there is.

If it is not kept well, it can last for half or a quarter of the time. Some mowers can even be limited to hours according to their manufacturers.

For instance, some mowers, especially the cheap models are meant to last for a maximum of 300 hours. While a good mower can go for at least ten or more years.

This means that a lawnmower can be in good working conditions according to how often and how long it is used.

Things that shorten the life of a mower

There are a lot of factors that can lead to the destruction of a lawnmower in a few years. For instance, a mower that is not receiving good care will not last long.

The size of the lawn is also another factor. A large yard will need more hours of tending. This reduces the life span of the best push lawnmower.

What is the best lawn mower for rough terrain?

  • The lawn is placed liked by people to spend their leisure time. So, people definitely require to have their lawn mowed for having the desired looks of their lawn which can prove to be pleasing in nature.
  • Many different kinds of mowers are available and each of them is having their own unique specialties for being used for a certain application.
  • Rough terrain is quite difficult to handle by mowers due to the non-uniform surface of the land.

After considering a large amount of research over which lawn mower can match the needs of rough terrain, few of them are discussed here.

  • Troy-Blit 540 cc Riding Mower
  • Poulan Pro PP155H42 Riding Mower
  • Ariens 991151 Apex 60” 24 HP Kawasaki FR730 V Twin Zero-Turn Riding Mower
  • Ryobi 38 inches 100 Ah battery Electric Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower RY48111
  • Husqvarna YTH22V42 Tractor Mower
  • These mowers are designed while keeping in mind the cons associated with rough terrain.
    Even on the rough surface, they are able to swiftly cover a significant area of the lawn to improve the effectiveness of their mowing. It is the main reason why people should be selecting these mowers when they are about to be used over a specific rough terrain.

What is the easiest lawnmower to push?

  • People love to have decent looking lawns which can give them a peaceful place to spend their leisure time. It is the reason why they love to maintain their lawn with decent looks.
  • This will require constant work to be done regarding the maintenance of grass getting grown unevenly.
  • Lawnmowers are available of numerous varieties which can help us with the activity of maintaining our lawns. One needs to have a lawnmower which requires lesser effort to push and can easily be operated.

Some of the lawnmowers which are easier to be pulled are shared here to help you with the selection process.

  • EGO Power+ LM2001-X 56V
  • Troy-Bilt TB330 163 cc
  • Black and Decker MM2000
  • These are some of the lawn mowers which you will find quite easier to push than others. It will help you to easily complete the gardening process without facing difficulty.
  • Even with a minimum amount of push required, they are capable of delivering the best ever quality of mowing to the grass of your garden. This will improve the overall aesthetics of your ground with minimal effort required to perform all the steps.

What is the most reliable self-propelled lawnmower?

  • Lawn Mowers are the unique way of cleaning your lawn from the extra grass which is present. It will help you in improving the cleanliness of your lawn and also improving the aesthetics.
  • This will make you feel comfortable when you are wishing to stay on your lawn during your leisure time. For that, it is required to have a decent quality of lawnmower which can accomplish the task quite easily.
  • Many different varieties are available in the lawnmowers and each of them carries their own peculiarities.
  • In this era of automation, one would also expect lawnmowers to be propelled by themselves. It will reduce the human effort to a substantial extent.
  • Due to that, the number of lawnmowers is developed which are self-propelled in nature. One of the best self-propelled lawnmowers is Honda HRR216K9VKA. You can consider this as the best in its class for the purpose of mowing lawns.
  • Most of the tasks which are to be performed with a lawnmower can easily be performed in automated mode using this equipment.
  • This is the main reason why a large number of people prefer it and uses it for maintaining the lawn in their garden. Even you won’t have to keep watch over the machine as it is self-propelled in nature which can save your time.

Is it OK to push a self-propelled mower?

  • Mowers are a unique means which helps us to maintain our garden lawn. They are designed to simplify the process of removing the excess grass.
  • Due to that large number of people are using the mowers for reducing their burden.
  • One can select the mower from the large variety of options available to suit their needs. This will help them to ensure that they have the right option available for their needs.
  • Self-Propelled mowers are popular due to the unique capability which they carry of mowing themselves. It will help you to reduce your burden of moving around your garden with the mower.
    As weight is of little concern for a self-propelled mower, they are usually made heavier. Due to that, you might find it harder to move over a particular path.
  • Still, when there is a need you can move the self-propelled mower. It is not going to damage any of its transmission elements.
  • This is particularly important when there is some issue with the automatic transmission. So, instead of lifting the mower, you can safely drive it. Even you can perform the mowing operation with that equipment as the problem lies self-propelled equipment.

Why you should buy a lawnmower from Amazon?

  • We are fond of buying things from the online platform. It helps us to have a variety of choices and select the one which best matches our requirements.
  • Lawn Mowers are the equipment in which people don’t have detailed information. Hence, they would like to have the best possible suggestions for the requirement which they have.
  • It will require them to visit a place where they can have the best suggestions with a variety of mowers available. This makes Amazon the most ideal choice for you to have your desired lawnmower.
  • You can also find a buying guide for the people who are going to purchase mower the first time. One can refer to this guide to gain insights about the way in which they should make a decision about purchasing the lawnmower.
  • Even you can have some of the best-rated lawnmower visible to you by other customers. It will prove to be useful as someone has already used it and rated the product. Reviews prove to be an important means for making a decision for people who are first time buyers.
  • Based on your requirements, you can create your customized filter on Amazon. This will land you to the product of your choice.
  • These reasons make Amazon the most preferred choice for people to buy lawnmowers.


In conclusion, push lawn mowers are usually pricey and require abundant care. A lot of recommendations for the lawnmowers are because it makes work easier and I very practical.

The lawnmowers are good when dealing with harsh grass and even harsher climates. In areas where keeping your lawn neat is necessary, a lot of experts will recommend that you use the best push lawnmower. They are very durable, affordable and easy to operate.

They also ensure that your yard is leveled up and very neat. A lot of lawnmowers come in different sizes and shapes. It is up to a buyer to decide which model he or she wants.

It should also suit the terrain of your yard and the general situation in your home.

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