Best Hand Saw For Cutting Firewood [2020 Reviews]

Best Hand Saw For Cutting Firewood

hand saw for cutting firewoodIt doesn’t matter if you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesman, you must possess a handsaw. Make sure that your handsaw is sturdy as well as sharp.

Well, it is one of the most, widely-used cutting hand tools that will serve numerous purposes of yours. It is a multipurpose tool that you can use in both indoor as well as outdoor projects.

With one of these saws on your side, you can achieve carpentry tasks, woodworking, general maintenance job, and renovations. So, we would suggest you go for the best hand saw for cutting firewood.

Top Chart Of The Hand Saw For Cutting Firewood

ImageProduct NameRatingCheck Price
EverSaw folding hand saw
[Editor Choice]
4.4/5Check Latest Price
Corona Razor Tooth Raker Saw4.3/5Check Latest Price
MOSSY OAK Folding Hand Saw
[Editor Choice]
4.5/5Check Latest Price
Fujiwara heavy-duty folding saw4.2/5Check Latest Price
SOG Folding Saw4.3/5Check Latest Price

Why Should You Use The Hand Saw For Cutting Firewood?

By using a hand saw, you will witness numerous benefits of it. You can utilize it for several purposes. And if you are a DIY aficionado, it will be a good investment for you.

So, let us bring some lights to the benefits that the best hand saw for cutting has to offer.

Effortlessly transportable

Most of the manual saws are lighter, compared to the powered saws. They don’t need any electric cable for functioning.

And for that, you can easily transport it wherever you want. Moreover, you can add the handsaws to the toolbox, which makes it even more convenient to move.


Electric saws or the circular saws are more massive than the hand saws. You have to give a bit effort to move those circular saws.

But when it comes to the hand saws, it becomes effortless to move. Nothing can go as useful as hand saws when you are doing any hand cutting projects.

The power outlet is not required

It is a significant advantage of the hand saws. You need any electricity to operate these saws. Thus, you will not need any power outlet to use the hand saws.

All you need to use these saws is to give efforts. You don’t have to concern about power cable or the rechargeable battery.

Lower risks

Power saws come with considerable power and force. That means you have to be careful about using the power saws. But, with the hand saws, those risks don’t count.

Product Reviews Of The Hand Saw For Cutting Firewood

1. EverSaw folding hand saw

The best part of this product is that it is designed for all-purpose. The manufacturing quality, intricate design and the holding strength of this product are pretty unique.

It will serve various purposes of yours like camping, pruning, and hunting. In addition to that, you can also use it as a toolbox.

Whenever you hold this knife in your hand, you will witness a perfect grip. Well, the size of the blade of this saw is 8 inches, and the teeth are triple cut razors. The weight of this product is merely 0.65 pounds.

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  • Consists of 8 teeth per inch.
  • The triple-cut razor allows efficient and fast sawing.
  • The handle of this saw is ergonomic to provide you with the ultimate comfort.
  • The Japanese style pulls cut sawing design of EverSaw folding handsaw will reduce the friction and binding and binding.
  • You can consider this product to be a perfect one for the general use.
  • There is a lock-in blade to ensure the safety of the user.
  • You tighten as well as loosen the blade.
  • It is capable of cutting 4” diameter of wood, plastic as well as bone, effortlessly.


  • One can easily unlock the locking mechanism.
  • Not useful for heavy works.

2. Corona Razor Tooth Raker Saw

This is a capable hand saw that would help you to cut firewood precisely. Self-cleaning is one of the exciting features that it has to offer.

Well, this feature will save you from the hassles of cleaning the saw every while. Another perk of this cutting tool is that it has an extended life.

Once you bring this tool home, it will stay with you for a long time. The hardened teeth of the saw ensure its durability.

The tempered-steel alloy allows also enhances the strength of it. Moreover, it will not break or bend while you will be working with that.

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  • The ergonomic design of the saw will make your work fun.
  • The self-cleaning pattern of the saw makes it an impressive product to buy.
  • Chrome-plated teeth of Corona Razor Tooth Raker suppress the friction and improve the efficiency of it.
  • High carbon content is incorporated in the steel, which makes it considerably durable.
  • It also helps the saw to maintain a sharp edge.
  • You can effortlessly cut the big branches of the tree with the help of this handsaw.


  • The only hindrance of this product is that it is not as sharp as its competitors.

3. MOSSY OAK Folding Hand Saw

IMOSSY OAK Folding Hand Saw will serve your purpose if you are looking for an essential cutting tool. It will not deliver any pressure to your pocket as it is an inexpensive product.

You can effortlessly use it for your basic cutting needs. Also, due to its portability, you can consider it as a folding hunting saw or emergency equipment.

It is the hand saw for cutting firewood if you are looking for a budget-friendly one. This product features three types of blades- a plastic knife, a wood blade, and a metal blade.

And that gives you the option to switch any one of them according to your requirements.

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  • It comprises of three blades.
  • The metal blade is made up of carbon steel that makes it durable.
  • Teeth of this hand saw are quite sharp.
  • You can use it for multi-purposes.
  • They will provide you with a carrying case, which will make it easier for you to carry this blade.
  • The handle of this saw is quite sturdy, and that provides a comfortable grip.


  • Blades are short.
  • The metal blade is not satisfactorily quick.
  • It is a bit rickety compared to other hand saws.

4. Fujiwara heavy-duty folding saw

Another deft hand saw to impress you is the Fujiwara heavy-duty folding saw. There are numerous reasons why we are considering it in the list of ‘hand saw for cutting firewood’.

The primary thing that will strike you about this product is that it is rust-resistant. Besides, it is considerably durable. The handle of this saw has a soft grip, and it is anti-slip as well.

You can use this folding saw for various purposes of camping, survival, pruning, and hiking. It’s ‘lockout’ in the middle allows you to protect your fingers from accidental cuttings.

The scientific design of the saw will not disappoint you either.

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  • It is a rust-resistant saw so that you don’t have to bother about the rust.
  • This saw will stay with you for a long time because of its durability.
  • The handle of this saw is incorporated with the anti-slip feature that will make your cutting convenient.
  • Fujiwara heavy-duty folding saw is a -multi-purpose saw, which you can use for many purposes.
  • Lockout system of this saw will ensure your protection.


  • Well, according to the customers, the only drawback of this product is that it is not very smooth while sawing.

5. SOG Folding Saw

You can consider SOG Folding Saw as a handsome beast. This a compact tool crafted for backpacking, camping, as well as hiking.

Well, this hand saw looks brilliant with the black powder coat finish. The blade of this saw is made up of carbon steel, which makes it considerably durable.

The handle of this saw is also made up of carbon steel. Now, let us come to the performance of this saw. Well, the blades of this saw can cut the greenwood and hardwood precisely.

So, that makes it a fantastic tool to take outside. So, if you are looking for the ‘best hand saw for cutting firewood’, it is one of them.

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  • It is lightweight, compact, and significantly sharp- perfect for an outing.
  • The teeth of this product are made up of tempered steel, which makes it useful for cutting various types of woods.
  • The black harness in the saw delivers it with a nice and sophisticated touch.
  • Once you bring this little buddy to your home, you will witness that it is aesthetically beautiful..


  • The edge retention of this saw is not up to the mark, which makes it a bit unsafe to use.
  • The locking mechanism of SOG Folding Saw is not designed suitably, and it gets stuck several times.

How You Can Choose The Best Hand Saw?

Best Hand Saw For Cutting Firewood
Hand Saw For Cutting Firewood

Well, while choosing a hand saw, you have to be selective about some aspects. If you can adequately acknowledge those aspects, you will be able to select the hand saw for cutting firewood.

Thus, try to be meticulous about these points while opting for a hand saw:

Types of hand saws

There are various hand saws that you will find in the market. Now, choosing the suitable one is up to you. It depends on the types of work that you do. To ease out your confusion, we are presenting you with some examples of hand saws. Go through them and decide which one is eligible to serve your purpose.

• Hand saws- These saws consist of a thin and flexible saw plate, without any rigid frame or back. Compared to other hand saws, they have larger teeth. Most of the times, they are used to swiftly rough-cutting the firewood.

• Back saws- Back saws have beautiful teeth along with the thin metal saw plates. They are used for the precise cutting of the woods. These saws comprise steel or brass backs to avoid bending.

• Frame saws- They are mainly used to tighten the blades between saw arms.

Tooth shape

Checking the tooth shape is essential. You either have to choose ‘Rip or Crosscuts’. Now, it is ultimately your decision about which type suits your demands.

Tooth count

‘Teeth per inch’ is a significant thing to consider. The quality and the precision of your cuts will be dependent on the number of teeth your hand saw has.

Top Features Of The Hand Saw For Cutting Firewood

When you search for the best hand saw for cutting firewood, you will come across numerous features. Well, the features are something that makes a handsaw enjoyable or inconvenient.

So, it is an essential task to acknowledge the characteristics of a hand saw before buying it. Therefore, if you are searching for the features of the hand saw for cutting firewood, here they are:

• Portability- Well, portability is one of the top features of hand saw for cutting firewood. You can always transport the right hand saw, effortlessly.

It is light, and small in size, compared to other hand saws. Also, it comes with an additional case, which allows you to carry your hand saw, conveniently.

• Grip- When it comes to hand cutting tool, the grip is essential. If you cannot hold the saw correctly, it will not give you the desired results.

The hand saw for cutting firewood will provide you with the anti-slip feature. It will help you to avoid any unwanted accidents.

• Safety measures- Safety is a vital thing. If there is no suitable safety measure, there is a possibility that it will induce some adverse incidents.

Therefore, the hand saw for cutting firewood will always come with a safety measure. It must consist of a lock that deters the blade from moving perilously.

• Design- The design has a lot to do. The durability of a hand saw mostly depends on the design of it. If the design is properly tailored, it will stay for a long time.

Buying Guide Of A Hand Saw

Sometimes, we feel confused about how to buy a hand saw. There are several types of hand saws in the market, and to choose one of them is a really tough job.

Well, the first thing that you have to decide is what types of works you are about to with your hand saw. If you can acknowledge that, it will be easier for you to choose.

So, here is the list of different hand saws, which will help you to select the preferable one.


  • It is mainly used for the woodcutting, along with a wood grain.
  • The teeth of these types of saws are 24 to 26 inches long with 4 to 7 TPI (Teeth Per Inch)
  • This saw will help you to cut aggressively and will leave the edge a bit rough.


  • Helps is woodcutting across the wood grain.
  • It has 8 to 11 TPI, with 24 to 26v inches long.
  • This saw leaves a smoother edge.


  • It is easily portable.
  • This tool helps in cutting across the wood grain.


  • It is used in the purpose of excellent woodcutting and coping molding joints.
  • Consists of a thin blade which helps in the complicated cuts at risky angles.


  • Used for numerous purposes like wood cutting, trimming as well as molding.
  • It has a rigid piece as well as a back to avoid the bending of the blade.


  • Serves the purpose of wood joint cutting.
  • Comprise of a rigid black.

User Guide Of A Hand Saw

There is a specific way to use a hand saw. If you don’t use it appropriately, there is a possibility that it will address some unwanted issues. So, follow these steps, if you want to get the best results and avoid accidents:

Step 1- Mark the wood

This is the first thing that you have to do. Well, you have to make a straight line on the forest with the help of a square.

Mark the line exactly where you want to perform the cut. It will help you to make the defined cut. Or else, maybe the cut will not be appropriate.

Step 2- Make a notch

After that, take the hand saw to the line where you made the mark. It will create a notch so that you can start your cutting.

In case, if you want to get more notches, you have to do this for a couple of times. You can use your thumb to guarantee that the first cut is parallel to your marked line. Here, you will use your thumb as a guide.

Step 3- Cut

Now, it is time to cut. Well, to do that, you have to apply some force and push the saw down. Also, make sure that your blade is straight while you are making the cut.

If you witness that the cut is getting crooked a bit, use the bending force to put it back.

Step 4- Repeat

Finally, you have to repeat the action to cut the wood.

Why Did We Recommend Those Hand Saws For Cutting Firewood?

There are specific reasons why we recommended those hand saw for cutting firewood. Well, let us discuss that.

They are safe

Compared to the circular saws, they are the safe option of cutting. Yeah, we can understand that circular saws or the power saws will serve your purpose quickly.

But, when it comes to safety, hand saws are the winner. Why? Because they are heavier, and if you don’t know how to control them, they can create an issue. There are higher chances of accidents with power saws than the hand saws.

Hand saws are lighter

Another reason, for which we have recommended those hand saws, is their weight. They are exceptionally lightweight, and you don’t have to give any efforts to carry them.

You can transport them wherever you want, and they will serve your purpose precisely.

Those hand saws are -multi-purpose

You can use those cutting tools for various purposes. Whenever you go for hiking, trekking or backpacking, you can take those saws with you.

These saws will help you in the process of survival. You can easily cut the firewood with the help of the hand saws.

These hand saws are considerably durable

The designs of these hand saws are amazing. Well, they are crafted in such a way that they are exceptionally durable. You don’t have to give much effort to take care of these tools as most of them are anti-rust and anti-dust.

Can I use a hand saw to cut plywood?

Yes, you can use a hand saw to cut plywood. Yes, we know that with a power saw, it is easier to cut plywood. But that doesn’t justify the fact that a hand saw cannot accomplish the task.

Well, there are some points that you can keep in your mind while cutting plywood with a hand saw. Acknowledging these points will help you to do your job efficiently.

Time and effort

These are the essential thing that you have to determine. If you want to cut plywood with the help of a handsaw, time and energy are the most substantial things.

We have already discussed that power saws will give you the results within a few moments. But, if you are planning to do it with a hand saw, both time and effort are necessary. Also, you have to practice a bit to master this.

The hand saw must be sharp enough

If your hand saw is not sharp enough, it will be impossible for you to cut the plywood. Well, cutting plywood with a handsaw itself is a challenge.

If you don’t have a sharp hand saw, it will even become more challenging. Also, you have to select whether you want to go with a cross-cut or a rip cut.

Carbide tipped blade will help

If your blade is tipped with carbide, it will provide you with the smooth cut. So, we would suggest you choose a carbide-tipped blade.

Therefore, here are almost all the things about the hand saws. If you are planning to buy a hand saw, go through the above-written points.

We hope that it will help you to take the appropriate decision. We know that power saws are a good option, but to get the authentic work, a hand saw is always best.

They will help you in numerous ways. Not only you can cut firewood with them, but they will assist you in several other purposes.

Just make sure of one thing- abide by all the safety precautions. If you don’t take care of the safety precautions, it may raise some unwanted problems.

Also, go through the list of ‘best hand saw for firewood’. Check out their features and decide which one is compatible with your needs.

Selecting any one of them will be a good idea. It will be a good investment in your life.

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