Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews
Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews
Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

We analyzed reviews for the most popular airless paint sprayers available on the market.

We compared them side-by-side, and scored them according to a range of factors including ease of use, ease of cleaning, even spraying and durability.

The Airless Sprayer: What Should You Be Looking For When Reading Reviews?

I think there are some features that are more important to cover in the best airless paint sprayer reviews than others. I don’t see how the color of the machine matters much, or whether it was packed and shipped in bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts. So what does matter? Read on!

  • The Brand: Yes, I try to be unbiased, but some brands are just more reliable and well built than others. There is no use in saving a few dollars for a machine that is just going to break or not perform as well.
  • The Output: Measured in GPM (Gallons Per Minute). This is important because it directly affects the speed you can paint and the coverage as well.
  • Horsepower: The motor needs to be powerful.
  • Maximum Tip Size: Measured in inches, you need to know the diameter of the tip as it affects coverage and overspray.

My reviews will discuss each of those points. However, to be perfectly honest, most of these machines are pretty close when it comes to these specifications. Other things to consider are how easy the machine is to clean, how long the hose is so you don’t have to carry it around as much, whether the legs are sufficient to keep it stable and if a handle exists for easier carrying.

As I mentioned, more or less you could pick any of the airless paint sprayers reviewed below and be happy with your purchase.

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Airless Paint Sprayer Comparison Guide

There are 7 columns included in the chart:

  • Sprayer pictures and product name/model
  • Output – how many gallons of paint per minute (GPM) this sprayer can deliver
  • Pressure – the amount of pressure it capable using, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI)
  • Horsepower – engine capability and power
  • Max tip size – maximum tip size measured by the diameter of tip in inches
  • Rating – based on the review averages in Amazon (which are usually very helpful in determining whether the product is good)
  • Purchase info – where you can find the current sale price on Amazon

Time to get your airless paint sprayer

Now that you have an idea of what kind you might need, it is time to go see the specific brands and models available. You’ll want to find one that works for your type of situation and painting needs. A pro might need a higher end model based on the amount of functions that it can accomplish, while a beginner might want to just try out a lower-end model to get a few odds and ends done around the house. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, but if you plan to use it often or want to have it for years to come, consider some of the best airless paint sprayers for the money.

Tips On Using a Paint Sprayer

Once you order your new sprayer, you’ll need to be sure you’re using it correctly right? Check out this video below by Chris from B&K Painting:

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